Design concept/ Overview

What is “Boddy”? :

Boddy is a diet app. Boddy stands for body+buddy. It means your body's best friend, treating your body like a best friend, and loving your body.


Boddy is a health and wellness app. The concept of Boddy is health, energy, and love. Many people get stressed when they gain weight. Sometimes they care too much about what others say. And some of them go on an extreme diet to lose weight. And it is hazardous. It would help if you kept it in mind. The most important thing is loving your body, and the object of your diet needs to be healthy, not because of someone's saying. Based on this idea, Boddy will help people be healthywith diet tips and a diet schedule by setting it yourself.


The ultimate goal of the app is loving your body and being healthy through home training. When it is hard to go to the gym, you can do systemic workouts based on your own schedule and daily training through the app.


The logo shows all the letters of 'Boddy.'
It combines the letter B, O, D, and Y.

Color Scheme/Font:

Yellow: Energy, Joy, Happiness.
Orange:Warmth, Enthusiasm.
Purple: Power, Peace, Pride.


Roboto 48px




Rough Draft:

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